Sunday, January 16, 2011

More Interesting Factoids

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I enjoy looking at numbers and look at interesting number lists from a variety of sources.  I found the following interesting factoids in the October 16, 2010 edition of Human Resource Executive magazine that was compiled by John Kador.  They give you varying perspectives of the impact of our economic slump and implications for financial planning.

  • 75%  Percent of candidates who had five or more interviews per month since the beginning of their job search who have not received a single offer based on a survey of 79,000 job seekers.
  • $400,000  The expected amount of money that the average worker in a 401K retirement is expected to amass given ideal conditions, over 30 years.  The actual average to to 401K "leaks" (withdrawals, missed contributions, hardship borrowing, etc.) over 30 years brings the total to $60,000.
  • 42%  Percent of employers in 2010 who believe that the recession has increased the quantity and quality of candidates they recruit.
  • $8.25  Wage per hour paid by the Mid-Atlantic Regional Council of Governments, a union, to hire nonunion picketers to protest the hiring of nonunion help.
  • 3.7  Number of years the average adult over 18 with solid social relationships outlives those with few or no friends.
  • 5  Number of states whose public pensions were fully funded at the beginning of 2010.  In 2000, 26 states were fully funded.
  • 72%  Percent of workers in small companies not covered by a retirement plan.
  • 59% Percent of workers who expect to receive a pension upon retirement.  But only 41 percent can identify a pension to which they are entitled.

What interesting numbers have you come across?

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