How I can help you?

Virtual CFO:  I understand that most entrepreneurs are not "numbers" people. Because you're going to be a lot more successful focusing on what you do best than you are wasting your time trying to figure out the difference between a stock option and a warrant.

My Virtual CFO Service takes the numbers-crunching off your plate. Whether you need help raising capital, negotiating with Venture Capitalists, developing projections or running what-if analysis to make important product and pricing decisions, we're here to help! Depending on your needs, I'll provide our services on site or remotely, and we're available to set up financial systems and train your finance staff to use them.  I will provide the business owner and key management team one on one consulting.

Business Plans:  I help clients develop Business Plans to assess strategy and major investments.  We can determine if an investment makes economic sense and what the financial risks are.  Business Plans can range from enterprise wide to individual products or capital expenditure assessments which includes break-even analysis and cash flow analysis.  Whether you are  just starting a business and you are looking for seed capital or your business is already up and running and you want a road map for the future, you're going to need a detailed, comprehensive business plan to help you get where you want to go.

Plans can also be developed for debt and equity financing's.  I have developed private placement, first stage equity, second stage equity, IPO, and secondary equity offerings. I will help you with negotiations with banks and investors and represent your best interests.

Management Reporting and Financial Systems:  Management teams need actionable operational information. I have helped clients to restructure their financial systems to provide actionable operational management reporting and Balanced Scorecards.  This enables clients to quickly access the true performance of divisions or products. 

If a smaller business is using Quickbooks, we can make changes to optimize your Quickbooks system and provide training to your staff to use key underutilized features and set up internal controls.

Process Improvement and Quality Management: I have helped entrepreneurs roll out quality tools and continuous process improvements.  I have documented process and helped clients identify performance gaps and non value added activities to reduce costs.

 Pricing:  Pricing is key to driving value in your business.  I have helped clients to develop pricing models and a better understanding of price and cost functions for their products and services.

Organizational Design:  Organization design can impact the speed and effectiveness of your processes and place decision making and performance measures at the right level in the organization.

Activity Based Management:
ABM is key to understanding the cost structure of your business and how cost changes with process volumes and changes. A solid ABM process with Process quality management can create the opportunity for sustainable business improvements.

Supply Chain Management:
I can help businesses improve their supply chain performance through assessments and implementable suggestions.  Many clients can improve their financial performance through tighter management of their supply chain.

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