Monday, May 16, 2011

I just tweeted your business, but nobody was home

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I came across the blog below on Social Media Today and found that I have shared many of the same experiences.  A lot of businesses have a Twitter account and actively promote “Follow us on Twitter.” Generally it’s communicated in a lot of areas.  As Mark Fairbanks states in his blog, "Unfortunately many of these Twitter accounts are unmanned or only exist to tweet the latest sale, special or company news."  As I have noticed in my Kansas City Business Tweets list that sources my KC Business Daily Tweets, many of these accounts are broadcast only like a news release.  They are missing the real value of engagement on Twitter. 

I will be sharing some examples of Twitter engagement and the Return on the Relationship or Return on Investment in future blog posts.  Participation in Tweet Chats and monitoring key words on twitter will be some of the methods discussed.

 Luckily, we do have a lot of small business engagement in Kansas City.  What kind of Twitter Engagement do you see?

I just tweeted your business, but nobody was home | Social Media Today
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