Saturday, February 26, 2011

Never Say Never

Justin Bieber performing at Nintendo World Store.Image via Wikipedia
I took my daughter and some of her friends to see Justin Beiber's Never Say Never movie.  It was an interesting experience from several aspects besides  the fact that I was the only adult male in attendance.  I was probably the only one watching the movie from a different perspective than everyone else in the audience.

1)  It was interesting to watch the audience engage with the movie as if they were at the concerts and they all stayed until after all the credits have ran wanting to catch every glimpse.  They were really caught up in the movie.  Even the movie had shots of the audience waving the light wands in the audience, all the girls in the theater were waving their cell phones with light screens in unison.

2)  I had heard how Social Media helped his career; especially YouTube and then Twitter.  I think it was fitting for the movie to end with an email snapshot of "check this out" and send being clipped."  It demonstrates how audience engagement can help one utilize Twitter.  I liked it showing the background behind some of his tweets and the response it generated it.

3)  The theme of "Never Say Never" and his approach to life and goal of performing at a sold out Madison Square Garden concert within such a short time frame.  While he had impressed some players like Usher with @Klout, his career moved quickly without the Disney and Nickelodeon teen star production machines behind him which put him in an underdog position that he overcame.

There is a lot a business person can learn from this "teen movie".

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