Thursday, June 9, 2011

You Never Know Where Your Tweet Will Go #SlumberParty

Several weeks ago I was participating in Dabney Porte's Friday evening #Slumberparty on Twitter.  The sponsor was Michelle Bucaro @1DeVineGal  who markets Lip Shimmers.  This chat has a lot of virtual slumber party engagement activities such as pillow fights, Twister, silly string, DJ music, and generally a scavenger hunt involving the sponsor's products on the Internet.  I did not participate due to personal usage of lip gloss, but I do enjoy the social engagement and fun in the event.

As a quick background, Dabney provides a comprehensive 3 day awareness campaign that generates Twitter Follows, Facebook Likes, and Website registrations for SlumberParty sponsors.  The sponsor is trained on Social Media and has great engagement with an audience that generates large Twitter impressions.  From what I have observed, this engagement continues weeks after the slumber party is over providing additional economic benefits. The sponsor receives a comprehensive analysis package after the event ends.

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What is interesting about this specific Twitter Chat session is a tweet made by Miles Austin.  I wish I saved the tweet, but what I recall was that "I am giving a presentation and all I see is @DabneyPorte  talking about lip shimmers".  It struck me that Miles, was likely making a presentation that was supported with a big screen.  I responded back with several tweets about Social Media ROI and what this Twitter party was about.

I followed up with Miles after the chat session to learn more about what he was doing.  Miles hosts a "Master Mind" group of executives that meets monthly on Friday evenings. They generally meet in a private room in a restaurant or bar for social networking and learning.  He provides a forum where executives can comfortably learn about social media, social media metrics, and social media tools in a safe environment where they can ask any question.  This helps the executives to discuss Social Media in their companies.  

During this session, Miles was demonstrating Tweetchat as a tool for twitter and he recalled that Dabney Porte's #SlumberParty was the happening event on Friday nights.  So he entered SlumberParty as the hashtag to demonstrate how to use the tool.  He went on to his next topic, but SlumberParty was streaming away on the big screen behind him while he was talking.  He noticed some giggling several minutes later.  After checking to make sure his fly wasn't down, he asked the group what they were laughing about and they pointed to the flying SlumberParty chatter.  Miles turned around, saw the stream and entered his tweet.  He explained how this was creative marketing on Twitter generating economic returns.  While he was talking on this, I was tweeting away on the economic benefits to the sponsors.  So his audience received a double presentation on Social Media Return on Relationships.  It was as if I was in the room tweeting his presentation.

The bottom line, is that you never know where your tweet will go.

You can read more about #SlumberParty written by Jean Parks @GeekBabe on her blog post: Dabney Porte brings you a Twitter Slumber Party — The Shoppinqueen and check out Miles Austin's "Fill The Funnel" here where he provides great insight on a lot of social media tools.

If you haven't done so, please give #SlumberParty a try.  The actual party starts Friday at 10:00pm ET and lasts for an hour.  This party does have a lot of pre and post party activities that are just as engaging.  The Twitter stream moves so fast a hashtag monitoring tool like Tweetchat is recommended.  You can learn about Slumber Party events on Facebook.
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  2. I love hearing the executive side of #SlumberParty, one of my fave events on Twitter! Fabulous post!! xoxo

  3. Michelle, Thanks for the comment. It is quite amazing the behind the scenes work that goes on. Dabney's office converts to command central with Skype, Cell Phones, Sponsor Social Media Monitoring as well as sharing in the fun.

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  5. Just as Joe said... keep posting!

    Glad we connected on Twitter!


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