Thursday, October 28, 2010

Factoids from the Workplace

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My finance background has always enabled me to relate to numbers.  I found the following "By The Numbers" interesting and thought I would share them with you.  There are some interesting observations.

75% of candidates who have had five or more interviews per month since the beginning of their job search who have not received a single offer, based on a survey of 79,000 active job seekers.  Talent Drive

72% of workers in small companies are not covered by retirement plans   Small Business Administration

59% of Americans who expect to receive a pension upon retirement.  But only 42 percent can identify a pension to which they are entitled.  Consumer Report

49% of employers who expect workers to check in with the office while they are on vacation.

42% of employers in 2010 who believe that the recession has increased the quantity and quality of candidates they recruit.  Talent Drive.

 What interesting numbers have you come across?

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